Welcome to Jemtab Systems AB.

Jemtab Systems is a high technology industrial company in the county Jämtland Sweden that develops, designs and manufactures products for an international market. With expertise in design, development, machining, hydraulics, electronics and assembly, we deliver complete systems to our clients.

Our clients are in the areas of service equipment, dental technology, wind energy, medical technology, chemical industry, electronics and electrical engineering.

Examples of products we manufacture are sensors for analysis of process gases, high-pressure pumps for oil pressure up to 5000 bar and of course we develop and produce new products.

High precision and ATEX

Siemens had a hard to manufacture and expensive product that they wanted to develop. We made a new design of the product which made the product more production-friendly. The product

are currently sold worldwide and we manufacture and assemble it on Jemtab Systems and delivers it to Siemens in France.

High pressure

At Jemtab Systems we work with very high pressures and is among the world leaders in developing and manufacturing pumps that meet these conditions.

Jemtab Systems cooperation with SKF has lasted over 30 years. Together we have developed and manufactured everything from simple hand pumps to today's more advanced air driven high pressure pumps. The products are sold and delivered to SKF in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In cooperation with Vestas and other wind players, we have developed a tool to make it easier to make service on the turbines. Compared to traditional methods reduce HPI 500 service time and downtime radically.

Our own products

We have our own development projects as well where we do everything from design and software development to finished consumer product. One of the products is an engraving machine for engraving inside the wedding rings.

Another product is a festival opener for the brewery industry that will allow the opening of the beer and cider is in a rapid pace. With these openers in various designs, our customers have provided the Swedish festival visitors with a cold beverage in a reasonable time without risking repetitive strain injuries on the staff. Learn more about openers on  Festivalopeners.com

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