New investment


To improve the utilization rate of our biggest CNC machines Mori Seiki NT 4250 DCG, we have purchased and installed a 8760 Fastems robot cell

Energy efficiency


IUC Z-GROUP runs a program within the Mittlyftet to help companies streamline their energy with Lean methodology. In this program, Jemtab did participated and made a report on how we can improve our energy use. As a result, we have invested in a new compressor with energy box and started to measure our energy consumption.

New investments with the environment in focus


We have purchased a new compressor with heat recovery, now we heat our factory and produces our own hot water using waste heat from the compressor.

Monitor ERP


Vi We have changed the business system to Monitor ERP. Now we have a system that fits our needs and gives us the ability to have total control of our company. Link tol Monitors hemsida »

Preferred supplier


After a quality audit conducted by Siemens AG France we have been nominated for and accepted as a preferred supplier to Siemens AG. This is something we are proud of and a confirmation of our hard work with LEAN and 5S in recent years. Siemens has examined and approved our delivery reliability, quality, environment and work is in accordance with their requirements. We will continue to improve our processes to become even better.

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