Quality and Environment

ISO 9001 and Environment

Jemtab is ISO 9001 certified by Intertek since 1999 and we are continuisly working with improoving our quality management system.

Jemtab is working with environmental management, but we are not certified. We think that the environment is improtant and we have focus on continius improovements.

Business Concept

Our mission is to develop and manufacture own and other companies' products.

By combining ingenuity, flexibility, broad expertise, quality awareness and good relationships with external suppliers to deliver complete systems products to our customers.


Jemtabs vision is to build a company that develops products with own funds, and to keep the machine and staff updated to market needs.

Quality and LEAN is improtant within the entire business.

Quality Policy

Jemtabs quality policy is:

  • We will know what environmental requirements affect us.
  • We will know which stakeholders influence us and how we communicate with them.
  • We will work risk-based in all major processes and find out the opportunities identified.
  • We will meet agreed commitments and timetables on the customer satisfactory manner.
  • We will be responsible for support, product maintenance and service in a way that we always regarded as reliable supplier.
  • We will endeavor to zero defect deliveries to customers.
  • We will work on continuous improvements and error preventing measures at all levels at Jemtab.

This ensures our customers that the products and services supplied according to specifications and contracts. Getting it right from the beginning and deliver on time shall apply to all work within the company.

Environmental Policy

Jemtabs environmental policy is:

  • Jemtab must comply at least with current environmental legislation and other requirements, but strive to work with constant improvements.
  • Jemtab will work preventive and analyze environmental risks.
  • Jemtab must work to replace as many harmful chemicals that it is possible to environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • Jemtab will train staff in how they can actively contribute to environmental work in daily operations and how they should handle chemicals or risk personal safety.
  • Jemtab shall apply waste sorting, recycling and send all hazardous waste for disposal. Our partner Stena Recycling that handles all our waste and gives us guidance on how to recycle our waste in the best way.
  • Jemtab will validate all suppliers and their environmental policy.
  • Jemtab shall travel as little as possible and to have as many meetings as possible by phone and internet solutions.
  • Jemtab will work to continuously improve the environmental performance of the company.

The Jemtab Spirit

Jemtab work with our values in our mind, you can read them here:

The Jemtab Spirit.



Jemtab Systems strives to exceed customer expectations.

We work with a PDCA-driven approach and customer focus.


Waste and recycling

On our back yard we have containers for sorting of garbage and waste metals that we sell for recycling.

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