Jemtab Systems AB delivers complete systems.

Together with our clients we conduct development and production work that includes everything from concept and design to the assembled, packaged and quality assured product. We have a well-developed network of quality controlled subcontractors that creates an efficient manufacturing

Jemtab prioritize control of the products we manufacture, all products have inspection instructions that make sure that the quality is as agreed with the customer.

Development & Construction

Jemtab has for many years successfully helped customers when they need to develop their products. Despite our geographical location, it is possible to closely and advanced collaboration by videoconferences and Remote Desktop.

Jemtab uses Creo Elements / Direct Modeling and Manager CAD / PDM tools and GibbsCAM to make our CAM software to the machines.


In projects Jemtab use a Project Model, described in the book Project Management written by Bo Tonnquist.

The Project Model consists of document templates that have key documents Mission statement, Project plan, progress report and final report. The main documents are supporting documents for the Directive, stakeholder analysis, requirements specification, risk analysis, project budget, roles, staffing resource contracts and the progress report. The schedule we put in our business system Monitor ERP to follow up the project.

Jemtab projects are carried out at a pulse board where the project is controlled and monitored through resource allocation and "To Do" notes with responsibility and due dates.


Jemtab has a very modern production area consisting of eight CNC-controlled machines. Vi use Gibbs Cam for preparation of the machineprograms and Monitor ERP for planning of production. We use Lean and 5S to optimize our production efficiency and achieve the best quality.


Jemtab has an assembly area that is flexible and can be adapted to the customer's needs. To be as effective as possible, Jemtab changes the production workflow to suit each individual product. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

Final check

Jemtab put great care in the final testing of the product prior to shipping. The product Jemtab delivers must meet customer demands and needs. We use traceable calibrated interpreters and measurement tools for verifying measurements against drawings and checklists.


Our specialty is turnkey solutions, which means we develop and manufacture products from concept and design to final delivery, but we can also take on a subcontractor products.

Extreme tolerance

If you touch a object with your finger your fingerprints builds about 0.001 mm. on the surface.

The tolerances required on some of the products we manufactures at Jemtab is often within 0.002-0.005 mm.

System supplier

Traceability & Control

Since we are working with tight tolerances and high pressures, we uses traceability with material certificates linked to the material used in manufacturing. The level of traceability for the customer's product is according to customer requirements in combination with our own high demands.

Project Goals

Jemtab Systems is a system supplier

equipped with modern machines. We

use the latest technology to provide a quick and good process. Our facilities are well-suited for both production and assembly.

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